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Big thanks to our students at ELE USAL Mallorca

Sandra López, Daniel Varo, Nuria Ballesteros and Chiara Cusco are our teachers at ELE USAL Mallorca. They all have extensive experience in the field of Spanish teaching and they all agree on a key aspect: THE LEARNER MUST BE THE CENTER OF THE LEARNING PROCESS. Therefore, they tailor their lessons to their students’ needs not only with regard to the content, but also to the methodology. You will find more detailed information about our courses on our website.

And since our students are so important to us, we want to devote this blog post to everyone who chose ELE USAL Mallorca to improve their Spanish. We want to thank them for their interest in the Spanish language and their eagerness for exploring Mallorca, our beautiful island. Now we will introduce to you some of the students who decided to take a course or participate in a program with us at ELE USAL Mallorca. First, we would like to thank Leo and Charlotte, the first children who participated in our Summer Camp. They combined their Spanish language courses with fun activities like sailing and horse-riding. They had lots of fun while learning Spanish!If you are interested in our Summer Camps, do not hesitate to visit our website.




Second, we would like to thank Anja and Natalie, who took an intensive Spanish course at ELE USAL Mallorca while they were on vacation in our outstanding island. Thanks for choosing our school, we hope to see you again! For more information on the intensive courses offered at our school, please visit our website.



A big thanks also to our groups of students of different levels. Teaching such enthusiastic and motivated learners is just a pleasure! If you also want to sign up for group classes at ELE USAL Mallorca, please contact us by email ( info@mallorca-eleusal.com), phone (+34 971 90 88 77) or come see us in person at the school (Carrer del Bisbe Maura, 31, 07005 Palma). We’ll be very happy to help you! We will also make sure that you are placed into the right level to maximize your learning! You will take a placement test and do an oral interview to find out what your level is and what will work best for you!




We also want to devote this post to students like Ernest Brown, who chose ELE USAL MAllorca to prepare for their official DELE and BULATS exams. If you are interested in taking an official test to certify your level of Spanish, please check out the section “Official Certificates” of our website. And if you still have any doubts, feel free to contact us!



Last but not least, before concluding this post we would like to thank Marina and Sarah. Marina did an intership at our school as part of her M.A. in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language and Sarah, a Spanish teacher from New York, took an intensive course to polish her language skills. Thank you for counting on us during your language learning/teaching journey!


A shoutout to all our students!Thank you for choosing ELE USAL Mallorca! We hope you see you all soon and we wish you good luck for your future endeavors!

For further information about the wide range of courses offered at ELE USAL Mallorca, do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us anytime by email                           (info@mallorca-eleusal.com) and phone (+34 971 90 88 77). You can also come see us at the school (Carrer del Bisbe Maura, 31, 07005 Palma, Islas Baleares, Spain). We hope to see you soon!