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Learn Spanish with the international network of Spanish Language Schools of the University of Salamanca, ELE USAL

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Online · Private tutor

Online · Private tutor

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Online · Private tutor

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Advantages of doing online courses:

1- Flexibility to choose where and when to study. Today this is a great opportunity for people who prefer to study from home.

2- Update content quickly. You can refresh concepts that you consider important.

3- Lower cost.


ELE USAL Mallorca offers individual Spanish courses for students and professionals through videoconferences. The course will be designed taking into account the needs and schedule availability of the student.


Schedules can be flexible. All cancellations must be made a minimum of 24 hours in advance. One lesson at ELE USAL Mallorca is 50 minutes.


Students have 16 weeks to use their voucher.


During the COVID-19 quarantine, online Spanish courses will have a 50% discount.

  • 1 lesson

  • 5 lessons

  • 10 lessons

  • 20+1 lessons


For other prices, please see our brochure and price list

ELE USAL Mallorca is one of the first Spanish Language Schools of the University of Salamanca in Spain whose main objective is to disseminate the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language.